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Have questions regarding our services, engagement plans, pricing, etc.?

We have two types of engagement models – Managed Marketing Services that 80% of our clients opt for and, we can also provide solutions for custom specific requirements.

There are core principles of marketing that apply no matter the industry. If you want to rank well on Google then there are technical SEO principles that need to be followed. Social media is applicable whether you’re trying to reach consumers or other businesses, you just lean into the relevant platform.

In terms of the message, content, and delivery then that’s where you come in. We will do our research and create a plan but the more information you can give us on key applications, needs, wants, and pain points then the more effective we can be.

If you want them to be more focused and directed then we welcome the collaboration

Please get in touch with us or you can write to

Our pricing plans vary depending on the scope of work.

If you are looking for Managed Marketing Services you can check out the pricing and packages on our Managed Marketing Services page

Yes and No. We do not offer any discounts for fixed bid, fixed scope projects. For Managed Marketing Services & retainer projects we offer 5% discount if you opt for Quarterly Payment and 10% discount if you opt for one time upfront annual payment. The discount is only applicable to engagement contracts of 12 months or above. To check if discounts are applicable to your project, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

YES and NO.

We carefully plan with you at our pre-sales stage the scope of work and duration of efforts that will be required to deliver expected outcomes.

We’ve found these deliverables work when applied consistently. You might want more emails than blogs, or more social posts than landing pages, but that rarely delivers steady growth over time.

These programmes have been developed over hundreds of hours of marketing, across a myriad of industries to deliver sustainable business growth. Removing a piece has a knock-on effect that diminishes your returns.

In some months we’ll have to invest our time more heavily in one area and take that allocation from another space. But we’ll likely recover that activity at a later date.

To book a project consultation please help us understand your business by filling this form and send us your requirements and company details.

We work with customers from all across the globe. We have clients from the US, UAE, Australia, India, and Europe.

NO. We do not outsource any of our projects/ work. Nor do we work with freelancers. We have empanelled partners that collaborate with us on projects that require specialised one-off skill sets. To register as an empanelled partner write to us at

The premises of marketing, analytics, creativity, and human experiences being industry agnostic, we excel in understanding almost any business challenge and innovating solutions that delight. Most of our existing clients are from IT Products & Services, AI, Big data and analytics companies, SaaS companies, Manufacturing, Automative and eCommerce.