Long before you could spend working hours tapping the “add to cart” option on your favorite brand’s website, there existed a world of window shopping. People were required to take time to roam around the downtown, visit shops, like items, and return empty-handed still. If you ask your grandparents, we can bet it sounds more like a chore than an enjoyable activity. Ever wondered what makes going out shopping sound like a chore for the current generation? Well, in today’s article, you’re likely to find all answers! Stick with us as we’re covering the exciting evolution of E-commerce website development over the years but first, let’s understand

What is E-commerce and E-commerce Website?

E-commerce is a way of buying and selling goods/services via the internet. It was pioneered almost 50 years ago, and it took the internet by storm to become THE shop in town selling everything you could ever want.

From its infancy in the 1970s, e-commerce website development has constantly been improving and adjusting to the consumer’s needs.

Thus, it has become the primary shopping method in the last decade. Let’s learn about the exciting timeline of E-commerce development over the years.

An Ecommerce website is a physical store translated into 0s and 1s on the internet to become an online storefront. Similar to a physical store, an e-commerce website showcases products and services for consumers to choose from, except in a virtual space. Businesses today create an e-commerce website to accelerate sales by a considerable margin. Now, let’s dig into the history of E-commerce.

Ecommerce Evolution over the years

Invention: 1960s-1970s

The invention of Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) in the 1960s led to digital data transmission from one computer to another. Thereby eliminating the practice of mailing and faxing documents. Now data could be transferred seamlessly and in a hassle-free way.

E-commerce has become a trillion-dollar industry in the world. It was one of the few industries that saw a boom in the pandemic era as more and more people shifted to buying goods/services online. Many brands and retail stores rebranded their businesses and shifted to working online.

This period surfaced a need for optimized, practical, easy-to-use, and managed e-commerce website development for all businesses to reach their sales potential. This resulted in mid-size and small companies being on their toes to create a user-friendly and efficient website.

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