Performance Marketing, SEO, and Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing are no more buzzwords but the need of the hour for businesses today across the globe. Digital marketing is of utmost importance for an enterprise’s scalability and therefore, there are many digital marketing agencies today that provide such services to enterprises. B2B SaaS enterprises are no exception to this they too would like to scale and grow through such marketing initiatives.

Marketing is all about creativity and delivering results for enterprises. Digital marketing agency focuses on ensuring that work as per the enterprise’s expectation to deliver unique pitches that help them to gain the desired results.

According to industry surveys, B2B SaaS enterprises spend up to 25% of revenue on various marketing initiatives to grow their online presence. Depending on what growth stage they are in, the revenue spent on marketing could be even much higher than the industry survey. This indicates that for B2B SaaS enterprises, it is highly important to allocate a budget for marketing to increase their revenue.

For an enterprise, it seems like they can initiate performance marketing, SEO, and other various marketing activities in-house. This may seem like a cost-effective thing to do but it will not lead to the desired results as enterprises may lack expertise in different areas and that’s where the role of a digital marketing agency comes into play which provides expertise in different areas of marketing under the banner of Managed Marketing Services.

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What is Managed Marketing Services?

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The spent on marketing campaigns depends on the type of marketing activity a type of enterprise wants to initiate. For example, an enterprise wants to focus on email marketing to generate awareness for their new product as well as generate leads from their existing customers. But this way, they are only utilizing one of the many marketing channels available to them. This means they can potentially lose business which they can gain from other marketing channels.

With Managed Marketing Services, the enterprise’s marketing spent is on the expertise of a dedicated team that specializes in various marketing activities and creates an integrated marketing campaign. Using the same above example, if an enterprise wants to generate leads and create awareness for a new product launch, a holistic and integrated marketing approach can be initiated wherein along with email marketing, SMS and paid marketing on social media along with Google Advertising can be initiated.

An integrated marketing approach is taken by a digital marketing agency to achieve the desired ROI with Managed Marketing Services.

Benefits of Managed Marketing Services for B2B SaaS

B2B SaaS enterprises can make the most out of Managed Marketing Services as they require professionals who can understand the specifics of their business. Some of the many benefits that B2B SaaS enterprises can achieve through Managed Marketing Services offered by a digital marketing agency are:

Effective Use of Marketing Budgets:

Managed Marketing Services provides integrated marketing services which in turn helps to put your marketing budgets to be used in the most efficient channel. Instead of going through multiple vendors for different channels to promote your SaaS product, Managed Marketing Services helps to bring all services under one roof and delivered across various channels with the help of the expertise of the digital marketing agency.

ROI Driven Approach:

Managed Marketing Services are strategically planned in such a way that it helps you meet your desired ROI. Every cent that is spent on Managed Marketing Services, is being used to maximize revenue for B2B SaaS enterprise. By tracking the spent on Managed Marketing Services and monitoring the cost per acquisition across different marketing channels, the expected return on investments is achieved.

Efficient Marketing Strategies:

As B2B SaaS enterprises have a longer process of deal closer compared to a B2B enterprise, frequent communication is crucial and that’s where Managed Marketing Services plays an important role.

The beauty of Managed Marketing Services is that since all the marketing initiatives are integrated, it is a highly streamlined process of initiating marketing activities. Instead of a standalone, email campaign or development of a landing page, Managed Marketing Services brings different marketing activities together for your B2B SaaS enterprise.

Increase Brand Awareness:

Managed Marketing Services also help not only to achieve your expected ROI for your B2B SaaS enterprise but also to improve the reach of your brand. This is made possible because Managed Marketing Services also has an integral part of SEO and Google Ad spent and therefore, it can help your brand to reach customers who were not aware of your enterprise before.

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bizWorkz: Experts in Delivering Results for B2B Enterprises

bizWorkz is a specialized B2B-focused digital marketing agency that has a successful track record of achieving the desired results for our clients. Being an ISO-certified agency, we take pride in the work we deliver for our clients and help them achieve results, beyond their expectations.

Some of the many reasons why you ought to choose bizWorkz as your digital marketing agency for your Managed Marketing Services are:

Tailor-Made Services:

We at bizWorkz understand that each B2B SaaS enterprise has certain differentiators in the industry and therefore, as a leading digital marketing agency, we understand the nuances of your business and offer Managed Marketing Services that are customized based on your requirements. We take time and understand your business thoroughly and offer solutions that we think will truly benefit your enterprise to scale up and grow.

Dedicated Assistance:

We have a team assigned to your enterprise that is in constant touch with your point of contact to provide timely updates on the progress of the project. With this, we ensure that communication happens frequently between bizWorkz and your enterprise to ensure that the deadlines are met and deliver the project on time.  Dedicated account managers also help you resolve any queries that you may have regarding the process flow or the project.

Streamlined Reporting:

We follow a thorough process of monitoring, tracking, and providing reports of the campaign performance. These reports are crucial as we get an overview of how the campaign has performed since its inception and if we are on track to achieving the desired results for your enterprise. These reports also help us to make decisions based on our spending and if there is a need to rework our current strategy.


We at bizWorkz make data-driven decisions. We firmly believe in numbers and take analytics very seriously. Hence, we are flexible and agile enough to rework our strategy if it not does deliver the desired results. On the other hand, if the strategy at the inception of the campaign does not generate exceptional results, we double down on it and ensure to constantly work to improve on it.


Managed Marketing Services are a way forward for B2B SaaS enterprises as they not only help to integrate all their marketing efforts but also provide a better ROI. Digital marketing agencies all over the world are going forward with Managed Marketing Services and enabling SaaS enterprises to scale up.

If you would like to get in touch with us and like to know how bizWorkz can help you to be part of your success story, click here.

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